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The Easiest Way To Share Files And Photos With Friends From Any Device
If you're looking for a platform to share files and photos with friends, you really have no shortage of options. But out of the many messaging apps and social media services out there, which one offers the most intuitive user experience with both speed and security in mind? Enter Telegram.
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BitTorrent Shoot app lets you easily share files without size limitations
It's mind-boggling how complicated sending a simple file can be, even in the midst of all the technological advancements we have developed. Most internet services have size limitations; Bluetooth is slow and sometimes doesn't work when using different platforms; and you could just use a microSD card, but a lot of newer phones are no longer supporting those.
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Volvo designed a reflective spraypaint to make cycling safer at night
Volvo is turning its attention to two-wheeled safety, for the moment. The Swedish car manufacturer and UK design firm Grey London have partnered with Albedo100 to create a reflective spraypaint that's only visible at night. It's called LifePaint, but it's technically not paint; it's a washable material that lasts about 10 days after application.
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How to Safely Buy Online with Privacy & Security
Online shopping, responsible for keeping post offices alive after snail mail was decimated by email, and for turning some of us into lazy slobs who can't be bothered to go to the real shops for what we want, let us order our groceries without leaving our bed.
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LG unveils its lightest micro LED projector yet
There was a time when a projector needed to be left in one place indefinitely. That's changed recently, and LG is aiming to shake that notion even further with the introduction of its new Minibeam Nano, which is the smallest and lightest LED projector the company has ever released.
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Get plugged in with a smart outlet for about $30
Coffee's on! Even if you don't have a smart coffee maker, there are lots of smart outlets waiting to turn your dumb devices into Internet-connected ones that you can operate from bed. That includes Nyrius's Smart Outlet, which allows users to handle routine tasks like switching on and off lights, air conditioners, or laptops using an iOS or Android device.
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Moto Pogo enters the one-wheeled electric scooter marketplace
It wasn't too long ago that we were all amazed by the introduction of the Segway - How can a vehicle with just two side-by-side wheels stay upright? we wondered. Since then, however, contraptions such as the Solowheel and OneWheel have shown that even a single wheel will work.
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Clean your laptop, monitor, or HDTV video - CNET
CNET's Dan Graziano shows you how to use basic household items to make your laptop, monitor, or HDTV look like new.
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Nyrius Smart Outlet - Unlock Your Home's Full Potential